To those who died during the Lorraine campaign.

Bienvenue à vous sur ce site (ou plutôt cette partie de site).
Military operations in Lorraine were a long and costly campaign that lasted more than three months. It opposed Lieutenant General Patton's 3rd US Army to German forces which, for the first time since Operation « Cobra », had stopped fleeing and had established a solid line of defense on the Moselle River.
Although the Lorraine fightings were tough, they are relatively unknown, driven by the most evocative names of Normandy and the Bulge (operations in Lorraine taking place between these two campaigns). This relative neglect is likely due to the partial failure that Patton met face to the German forces.
Militaria collector for many years, I decided to combine this collection with the history of my area. This website will have the dual aim of (modestly) introducing you to the history of the Battle of Lorraine (increasingly over time and my readings) and my collection of U.S. militaria related to this campaign.
Navigation on the website reflects this philosophy that wants to combine history, men and objects. By clicking on a unit patch on the Lorraine maps, you'll be able to access the page dedicated to this unit. Once on a unit page, you can access the pages dedicated to the items and their owners, through the cartbridge on the top left.
This adventure has no "professional" claim, and the site is still largely under construction. Do not hesitate to send me any comments to improve the site, or just to let me know if you enjoyed it.
It remains for me to wish you a good visit.

PS: I'm always interested in parts of U.S. militaria related to the Battle of Lorraine. If you have, do not hesitate to contact me through this site !